Reading Rocks and Math yuck

Reading: This year I've read many books and they were awesome. One thing that i learned in reading is that the author maybe write by typing but you can feel the way the Author is explaining everything.For example Mr.Daw my teacher read us Honus and Me, when the Author Dan Gutman wrote a part of the book said something we felt it and read it the way it was sappose to be read.Another reason is that Reading and writing are kind of together so when it come to reading i can understand the consept better.Same as writing i know how to write so when i read i can fell and know what the author is talking,writing about.

Math: I think that math is good for you even if i don't like it that much. Math is good because it helps you, for example if you go to the super market you want to buy something and you dontn know who much change you need to give to the people working in the casheir. Another reason is that you can also know how to add or subtract.Maybe you want to be a teacher when you grow up,how are you going to teach your kids when your a mother or father???? My learning in math is that sometime s i need help if I dont really know the problem weel enough so if someone went through it with me then i coud finish it in 15 minutes if theres noise in the background but if there isn't then i can finish it in 10 minutes.

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