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For Chinese Studies I think I am good at writing Chinese characters and reading Chinese character. But I don't know some words so sometimes I have to ask someone else. I also need to work on handing in my book report because sometimes I don't have time and I do it on Thursday and it due on Friday so I have to stay up later at night. On Monday I learned Chinese Chess and we had to play it. At first I thought it was confusing and I didn't get it. But when the teacher gave us instructions I started to get it. One challenge I had in Chinese Studies was to take the Replacement test. I didn't do it yet but I had to practice and it was really hard because you had to write the whole thing in Chinese, and I don't know some of the Chinese word that I want to write so it is really hard.

In the beginning of the year in Art we had to use our hand and count how many fingers can fill in our nose and a lot more.This helps me find out how much space I need to draw my portrait. Later after we did that we needed to paint of face with the parts that are dark and that are not dark at all. After we were done with that we needed to take our picture and paste it on a piece of paper and use something that was bamboo and press it against the paper. Something else we worked on later on in the year was that we had to work on our Ape portraits. We had a picture of an Ape and we had to draw it out with a lot of detail and and color till the whole page was filled with color. One of the challenges in Art was the great ape portrait.

For Music for the xylophones we had to play different kind of songs and that was pretty hard because we needed to read the notes and I am bad at it even though I play the piano. Something else we did in Music was we went on Music Ace. It was really hard because we had to learn about minor scales and their is a scale that ever mistake you do they will subtract some of your score that you earned when you were playing. One of the challenges that were in Music was to play different songs on the xylophones because as I said before I am not that good at reading Music.

What we did in P.E was we played volleyball. This was sort of hard because we had to serve the ball and hit it. Something that I am not good at in volleyball is hitting it, I am not good at this because every time I try hitting the ball I always doge the ball. Before doing volleyball we were at the 4th floor doing gymnastics. Nothing was really hard for me to do in the gymnastic room because when I was in 3rd grade I did gymnastics after school. Something really hard in P.E. was volleyball because everybody was hitting the ball and I didn't really get a chance to hit the ball, but later on I got to. It is really hard to hit the ball because sometimes it fly's right behind you and sometimes it fly's on the out line.

For Counseling what I enjoy doing is doing the role plays because they are really fun and we get to work together. Something else we did was we looked at a paper and see if we have a right brain, left brain, or both. We also worked on eye contact to each other and listening to what they are saying and try to tell them something back. Something else is we have be listening and be able to tell the person something back. One of the challenges in Counseling is to listen carefully because sometimes you hear someone else talking and you want to listen to their conversation. But the tricky part is if you are listening to the person next to you, you don't know what to tell the person that you are talking to.

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