Story of Learning

So far I am doing good for my math goal. My goal for my math is to ask questions to the teacher when I do not understand a problem. But sometimes I ask the person next to me. In math I am getting better at not asking the teacher what to do because at home on the weekends my mom gives me a few math problems and I have to figure them out. Sometimes I have some mistakes in my test so when I get it wrong my mom tells me that I have to figure the question out until I get it and my answer is correct. Another goal I didn't write down in my" Academic Goal" Is memorizing my multiplication and getting better on it like if someone says was is 12 times 3 then I have to answer the answer really fast. For my writing goal is to be more specific in my sentence's one of the sentences I put in my site was "she had soft blond hair." But now I am more specific for example "She had silky hair". For reading my goal was to choose reading material at my level. Now I am choosing the books that I am read because some of the books that are fluent I don't get it.

For reading, math, and writing I had a few challenge's. For writing the challenge was to write a paragraph about the Civil War because I don't know anything about the Civil War. But it is easy for me to find information because we have books and movies about the Civil War to help me with the report. For the report we needed to write about what the Accoutrement were for the Union and Confederates. Also what the Unions wore and what the Confederates wore during the Civil War. For reading my challenge is to read 6th grade books and to read fluently through a book. Finally for my math it is getting better at multiplying and dividing fractions and being fast at doing. I have overcome my challenges by trying my best in all of my challenge's.

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